What’s today’s date?!

Well, the weather forecasters were a bit late in the prediction (snow was supposed to start around 9:00am but didn’t actually start until 3:00pm), and it will probably “only” snow about 2 inches rather than the original projection of 4-8 inches — but still, is this any kind of weather to experience on the last Saturday of March?!

I simply couldn’t resist taking some pictures of Bella in the snow. She has only experienced snow one other time in her life – and she is still not quite sure what to make of it all. We have a doggie door and she insists on putting front paws out — taking a nibble of snow — and then proceeding outside. Cracks me up.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the pictures of our lovely spring weather here in Kansas. Not to worry, we have a saying: if you don’t like the weather just wait a couple of days and it will change.


  • bermudaonion

    Our dog is 13 and has rarely seen soon. We’ve had snow once this year and she did not like it at all. It’s been raining here since Wednesday. I love the pictures of your dogs.

  • Matt

    Bella is adorable! My yellow lab George is 3 years old and he has never seen snow. But when I walked him on a rainy day, he seemed to have misgiving about people who were holding umbrellas! He got a little bit scared and would walk on my side away from the umbrellas! It’s always fun to watch how he makes of new things around him.

  • Vasilly

    Bella is beautiful.Thanks for sharing. Tell us what the weather is like in a couple of days. I’m so strange: I’m used to it being hot most of the year.

  • Robin

    Oh for heaven’s sake! Will this winter weather ever end?? We are starting to see spring colors here, but it’s still cold with snow in our mountains. It’s fun to see photos of Bella!

  • lilly

    Awww, she’s such a cute doggy! I can’t believe you really got snow. I honestly hate snow and winter and as soon as it starts, I start counting the days to spring.

  • Anonymous

    Bella is abosolutely gorgeous! Briar, my three-year-old border terrier, loves labradors (and so do I). Living in the far south-west of England means that she has only seen snow once and that was just a light dusting. She was unimpressed!

  • Anonymous

    i only want to know about snow if it’s falling on a school day! 🙂 your pup-a-roni is a cutie pie…and i hope that some warmer weather comes your way soon.

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