It’s GO time…..

Well, as I write this brief entry it is 6:47 — thirteen minutes until the official start of my first ever “a-thon” event — reading or otherwise. I am SO excited! I feel like a kid on Christmas Even waiting to go downstairs to see what Santa brought. Isn’t that silly?!

While some experienced bloggers are highly organized — with caffeinated drinks planned at approrpriate times and plenty of water set aside for hydratiion; with a variety of snacks purchased to provide sustentance and indulgence; with piles of books pre-selected that cover a wide variety of topics — and an elaborate reading schedule to follow.

While this high level of organization is my normal MOD — I have decided to be very spontanteous in this first event. All my books are in my nook — and I plan to do most of my reading in there. I have decided that if a book does not immediately grab my attention — or if somewhere along the way it loses my attention — I will pick up another book as the fancy fits. I will stop and eat when I am hungry — check blogs and cheerlead others when I need a break — and take my husband out to dinner for the big Five O birthday. In reality, I am really treating this event as a training tool for the next read-a-thon event 🙂

So….here I go. Drinking that last drop of coffee in my first cup — pouring myself a second cup — heading up to the nook — and having a GREAT Saturday!!


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