451 Fridays

Elizabeth of As Usual, I Need More Bookshelves, has been running this weekly feature for a couple of months now. Inspired by the Ray Bradbury novel, Fahrenheit 451, Elizabeth asks us to ponder the question: Which 5 books do you think would be important enough to save and why?

I have taught this book in my English 1 class for the past 3 years and find the premise fascinating (in this futuristic world books are banned from society, and if a book is found, fireman are called to burn them. The protagonist fireman in this story, Montag, quickly realizes that books should be saved, not destroyed). When Elizabeth first wrote about this idea (a class activity that her mother uses when teaching the novel), I knew that this was something I wanted to include in my lesson plans this year. I wrote Elizabeth, asking her if she would mind if I copied this idea, and she responded with a resounding “YES” — and “would you mind being a guest post contributor”. How could I refuse.

So, this week is my week. If you are interested, please visit her blog to read my choices for the 5 “must save” books. And while there, please check out her other posts and book reviews. I consider her blog one of several “must read” blogs that I follow each week.


  • Margot

    I left a comment on Elizabeth's blog but wanted to come back and tell you personally that your list is great. I like the way you gave us one great book for each time period. I'm going to re-read Macbeth now and see if I can find all the stuff you see in it. It would be so great to be in your class.

    I know you are getting ready to leave for your summer program so, if I don't have a chance later, I'll tell you now to have a great summer. Don't worry about your blog readers. We will be here whenever you have time to post. I read you on my Google Reader so I know when you post something. Have fun.

  • Belle

    Yes, your list is wonderful, and like Kathy, I feel I should read The Book Thief now. You've actually mentioned some of my very favorite authors in your list, and I liked that, too.

    And I also wanted to agree with Margot – we'll be here whenever you have time to post this summer!

  • Megan

    I just saw that "On Writing" by Stephen King is on your to-read list on Goodreads. I read that for a writing class I took my freshman year of college. I really enjoyed his insight into writing and his personal influences and practices.

  • Elizabeth

    Thanks you SO much for contributing to my 451 Friday project. What a fantastic list you put together! And I think it's interesting how many of the same books you and my mom teach. Great teachers' minds must think alike! =)

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