I’m Back…..almost

Well, I had NO idea that I would fail to post the entire time I was away. I feel so very guilty, but please trust me that there was really no way that I could find time to do so and do justice to this graduate program.

I knew that the summer courses would be intense, and they were to a certain degree, but the real surprise of the summer was the amount of writing I was expected to do for the course, Rewriting a Life. I have never taken a writing class post-high school and did not know what to expect. The class was amazing – nearly life changing – but it was totally consuming as well. I could have easily worked on that course 24/7. Fortunately, as far as time was concerned, the Shakespeare class was not nearly as time-consuming. Unfortunately, I did not learn much either. Oh well, you win some…you lose some.

I turned in my last paper last night at 9:45pm. I still have class tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday and I do not fly home until next Thursday. BUT…for all intents and purposes, I am done, and I am relieved.

I feel totally ignorant as far as current books and book blogs are concerned. I have not stepped foot inside a bookstore since I left home on June 15, and I am sorry to say that I have not had an opportunity to read any of your blogs. I cannot tell you how much I have missed that. I am hoping to start catching up on your posts over the weekend and to start posting more regularly to my own blog within the next week or so. I am so grateful to those who have left kind messages of support, and for those who became a follower of my blog while I was away: I promise to be a regular contributor starting in August.

I am now 40% done with my Master’s degree and thrilled!!


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