BBAW short list

The voting for Book Blogger Appreciation week has begun! On Monday the short list was announced – and truly I cannot imagine how Amy and her faithful helpers were able to narrow the field from 1,000 registered book blogs to only 5 nominees per category. I am so excited to read all the “new to me” blogs over the next few days, as well as catch up on the prize winning entries of my favorite blogs. I know that casting my vote will not be easy, but I am looking forward to the week’s awesome events (September 14-18, 2009).

While my blog was fortunate enough to be nominated in two categories, it just could not compare to the other wonderful blogs out there. I have SO much more to learn about blogging in general and writing cohesive, interesting book reviews. I am thankful to all of you who have helped me along the way – and I look forward to honing my skills in the months – and years to come. I was nominated for the Best New Book Blog and Best Book Reviews this year, and in honor of those who were shortlisted, I would like to feature their blogs here. PLEASE check them out — comment on their posts — and vote this week at BBAW!
Best New Book Blog:
Best Book Reviews:


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