WINNER — Summer Vacation Reading Challenge

Well, summer has come and gone and I am very late in posting the winner of my first reading challenge. I learned a lot from this challenge – namely that I have a lot more to learn! Of course, it didn’t help matters that Mr. Linky experienced many technical difficulties in the midst of my challenge, nor that I was out-of-town for six weeks this summer and did not have time to adequately answer questions or cheer contestants on. I apologize for that and promise that the next time I undertake such an endeavor, I will be sure to find the time to properly encourage and motivate those who are kind enough to participate.

I had a total of 15 participants complete this challenge and a total of 52 books were read – so I was quite pleased that so many literary vacations were enjoyed this year! The drawing for the $20 gift certificate to Amazon was indeed random, as the Mr. Linky problem caused contestants to post links to their reviews in several different locations. It took me a while to consolidate all reviews in one place in order to organize an excel list, but after inputting all 52 entries, and using Random.org to generate a winner – number 25 – I am very pleased to announce that JENNERS is the recipient of the prize!!!

Hmmm…..I wonder if she will use it to buy some ebooks for her Kindle?


  • Kim

    Hooray for Jenners! I know she could probably really use that little bit of cheer. 🙂 I just realized that I am not sure I even posted any of my reviews! I can't remember there being a linky for it–
    I can't believe it is the end of summer already! If I wasn't so involved in putting my boys' rooms back together, I would have put out my fall decorations today.
    Happy Saturday–

  • Jenners

    WOO HOO! I cannot even tell you how excited I am!!! This is awesome!!!!! And you bet your bottom dollar that the gift certificate will be buying books my Kindle. I have a list for my birthday all ready to go. "Her Fearful Symmetry" is #1! Thanks so much for doing this challenge. I'm learning a lot from doing my own challenge — I don't think I'll make it so complicated with entries next time — I'm already a bit overwhelmed. And Mr. Linky was a very very bad boy during your challenge period — I know because I was having the same problems! I'll e-mail you my info!!! THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH! I'm so excited!

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