Read-athon: 2nd Post

Well, it is nearing the 3rd hour of the read-athon for me in here in the midwest. I have read a total of 90 minutes — read 70 pages — and finished the book, The Anthologist by Nicholson Baker. I plan to write a more detailed review of the book later this week, but for now let me just say that I thoroughly enjoy it. I first read about the book in the most recent issue of Bookmarks Magazine and immediately requested a copy from the local library. Earlier this week I posted the rather large mountain of books that I picked up from the library, and after skimming all of them, this was the one book that really hooked me to read it in its entirety. It is an easy read – but not fluff. There is a rather light-hearted plot, but what really grabbed my attention was the educational experience offered to the reader. I know precious little about poetry and for that reason alone do not appreciate it. This book has inspired me to learn more and start reading it on my own!

I am finding it a bit difficult to stay focused on just one thing this read-athon. There are so many wonderful challenges each hour, that I want to make sure that I check out the read-athon website on a regular basis — which invariably leads me to check out a few blogs — which then leads me to check out the chatter on Twitter. SO…I may not read as many pages as I had originally hoped — but I am having a blast so far and that is what this challenge is truly all about (at least for me).
I am now off to get a shower – and then hopefully I will try to finish the book, A Big Little Life by Dean Koontz.


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