Read-athon: 4th Post

Well, it has been a few hours since the last post, but I have been productive!

Total hours read: 4.5 hours
Total pages read: 350 (150 since the last posting)
Total books read: 3
Total book reviews written: 1
For some reason I was led to pick up Muriel Barbery’s newest book, Gourmet Rhapsody, and I managed to read the entire story in one sitting. Once I finished the book I felt inspired to immediately write the review, as I had such conflicting thoughts and I wanted to sort through them while the book was still fresh on my mind. If interested in reading the review, you can find it here.
Now, as for the next reading adventure…..I have no idea. Fortunately I have a large pile of library books to peruse, as well as several bookshelves of TBR books waiting patiently for their turn.


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