Read-athon: 6th Post

Total hours read: 7.5 hours
Total pages read: 572 (132 since the last posting)
Total books read: 4
Total book reviews written: 2
Prizes won: 2 books (this is SO exciting!! I selected Still Alice by Lisa Genova and Sarah’s Key by Tatiana de Rosnay)
Well, the evening hours were a bit slower than I anticipated. My eldest daughter stopped by with a Pumpkin Spiced Latte to help re-energize me (LOVE the fall lattes!) ….and she stayed to visit for a while. My hubby spent the entire afternoon mowing the grass and bagging the leaves, so when he finally showered and cleaned up he was too tired to go to dinner. I fixed a quick pasta meal and spent some down time with him in front of the television (we had both hoped the Yankees would be playing tonight, but I guess the game was rained out).
Anyway, I did not actually start reading again until a little after 9:00, but I did manage to finish the book Confections of a Master Baker and even wrote the review — yippee!!
I will probably try to start one more book – but I think I will go for something a bit more serious this go around. Right now I am thinking perhaps The Ghost Writer by John Harwood or The Archivist by Martha Cooley. But you never know…something else may strike my fancy as I peruse the bookshelves.
I will probably not post again this evening — I am getting weary and my daughter would like to use the laptop — BUT my plan is to continue this read-athon through tomorrow. Ideally I would like to read another 6 – 8 hours tomorrow for a grand total of 16 hours for the weekend. I will probably write a Sunday Salon post that summarizes my weekend reading totals.


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