What is wrong with me?!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration. Ours was very quiet this year, as my daughter and her husband were in Memphis celebrating with his family. So it was just 6 of us here: me, Geoff, Mandy, my son and his girlfriend were in town from Nashville (of course, our Thanksgiving was their 3rd of the year, so I fear they were a little tired of the turkey meal) and my mom. I made the tradition feast that I make every year – and thoroughly looked forward to not only preparing the meal, but eating it as well. I think my favorite part about Thanksgiving is the leftover turkey sandwiches on fresh pumpernickel bread with mayo, cranberry sauce, and stuffing. YUMMY!!

I am not sure why I haven’t been blogging as much as usual. I really like blogging – both writing the entries and reading the posts of others. But for some reason I have had a very difficult time staying focused on anything these last couple of weeks. I must have started a dozen books, but did not finish a single one. It had nothing to do with the author, and everything to do with me. Nothing seems to hold my interest, and that is so unlike me. Perhaps I have reached a burn-out point with teaching and grading, and hopefully this long respite will not only rejuvenate me for the classroom, but will also jump-start my desire to read a blog again. Please don’t write me off — just yet.
On a positive note….I am about 95% done with my Christmas shopping. Finances are tight, so this Christmas will not be a lavish one, but hopefully it will be a fun one. I am also hoping that this will free up some time in December when I can rekindle that love of reading and blogging once again. I haven’t wrapped a single gift, but the shopping is a huge weight that has been lifted off my shoulders. We have already put up the tree, and I hope to complete decorating the house this weekend. My culinary arts daughter will do most of the Christmas baking, so there should be plenty of time to curl up by the fire and get lost in a few good books.
I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving and have had a chance to enjoy some great eats, exciting football, and festive shopping.


  • Sandy Nawrot

    The holiday THING (Xmas cards, baking, parties, decorating, shopping, etc.) takes a huge amount of mental energy and time. I have a really hard time focusing on all of that at one time, plus stay interested in reading and blogging, keep up with the kids, and God forbid exercise! I try really hard every year to do things in advance to prevent the stress, but I never quite get it figured out. Right now, because of my mental incapacity, I'm reading books for my Shelf Discovery Challenge. It doesn't take too much out of me to read Judy Blume or Laura Ingalls Wilder. Long-winded comment, I know, but my point is that I understand and when you get your groove back I'll be here!

  • Kaye

    I would never write you off, Molly. You're one of my favorite bloggers and if you only posted once a year, I would still read it and be a follower.

    I think you're just in a little slump. Don't try to force anything, go with the flow and you might be back to your old self in no time. From what I have been reading on blogs, everyone seems to be having a little burn out issue. Take care, we'll all be here still.

  • JoAnn

    I haven't even started my shopping…or decorating, or baking. It may end up being a slow month over at Lakeside Musing, too!

    Sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We had a relatively small crowd of 14 – the 5 of us, plus my parents, brothers and family. My sisters all went to their in-laws, so we can be together for Christmas.

    I certainly won't be writing you off, Molly. Remember that blogging and reading are supposed to be fun…post when you feel inclined. I'll read it!

  • C.B. James

    I've been doing this blogging thing for several years now. More than a few people have taken time off and come back to it. They all get lots of comments on their return to blogging posts.

    Take a break if you need it. Don't worry about it. We'll all be here when you come back, your blog will still be listed in our readers or on our link lists. No worries.

  • Literary Feline

    It sounds like you had a lovely Thanksgiving meal, Molly. I didn't inherit that love-to-cook gene and so hubby and I had a nice meal at one of the local restaurants as we do every year when it's just the two of us.

    My focus has been a bit off this month as well and so my blogging and reading have slowed way down.

    Good for you for having most of your Christmas shopping done! I haven't even started. I do have a few ideas though. Like you, we're on a tight budget this year.

    Take care and have a great weekend!

  • Jenners

    I'm impressed that you are done with your Christmas shopping (almost). That is always a good feeling. I (once again) feel like it snuck up on me. I need to get focused and organized.

    And I've been taking a bit of a blogging hiatus to visit with my mom and I've found it has been a nice break. I can imagine that job stress could keep you from enjoying your reading and blogging though … sometimes it can start to feel like work too! Here's hoping you get back in the groove!

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