2010 Support Your Local Library Challenge

I know I have hinted at joining this challenge before, but this is my official commitment. This is one of the few 2009 challenges that I actually completed, and I must say that I have grown quite fond of my local library as a result. I think it is a sign that I have spent too much time in the library when the librarian sees me walk in and says, “Oh, Molly….I just put some new books on the shelf for you.” She knows my name?!

Anyway….in 2009 I committed to read 25 library books over the course of the year. As of today, I have a read a total of 35! So, in an effort to follow the fearless leader of this challenge, J. Kaye, and “aim high” — I will shoot for the Just My Size level and commit to read 50 library books over the course of this year. And as she says, if I just read 25 I am still a winner!
So how about you? Are you willing to support your local library? The challenge rules are really quite simple: any book format available at the library is allowable (audio books, eReads, re-reads, YA, children’s, etc) and crossovers from other challenges can be included. You do not have to preselect your books and only have to commit to read a minimum of 25 library books from January 1 – December 31. Piece of cake, right?
I very much look forward to continuing my patronage of the public library.


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