Gilmore Girls Obsession

Ok — I have been totally obsessed with the Gilmore Girls since last weekend when I read about the Perpetual Rory Gilmore Books Project. I have visited her website several times, hemmed and hawed about joining the challenge, read through the Excel spreadsheet of all the books mentioned in the series, watched in awe as I read the post that lists the books BY EPISODE, and viewed the following youtube video more times than I care to count (I originally found the video on this site, but for your viewing pleasure I have embedded the video here):

I totally blame Shona who is hosting this challenge and I am wondering if she plans to start a support group soon for those of us she has lured into this addiction.
Now, I rarely watch movies or television, but since reading the list of books by episode (and wondering who on earth had time to watch and document all that data), I have now decided that I want to watch all episodes in order. I did periodically enjoy the show when it was on network television, but I don’t think I tuned in until the 3rd season. So tonight, while my husband and I were out and about, I suggested that we just pop into Half Priced Books to have a look around. Well, call it fate – call it karma – whatever you want…..they had the first four seasons of the show on the rack on newly received items. It was meant to be. An early birthday present to myself. So I did what I never, ever do….I made an impulse purchase and bought all 4 seasons at one time!! I have rationalized that this will be a great way to unwind each evening after grading finals.

So, as if you hadn’t guessed, I am going to officially sign up for my first reading challenge of 2010. I debated about joining the Gilmore Girls reading challenge hosted by Lisa of Lit and Life , but somehow it was just too much pressure to read the books in a single year. I would not want to be an Emily (she is such a know-it-all), but truthfully the Rory level of reading 20 books in a year seems rather daunting. I much prefer the ongoing – never ending challenge (that is, I can just read one book in a year and still be successful). Some of you may prefer both challenges as you are allowed to double-dip so to speak, but I don’t want to over-join too early in the 2010 season.
There are still a couple of other challenges that I am very close to joining, but I will save that for another post. Now it is time to sign off and watch the first episode of the modern day classic.


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