Just who is My Cozy Book Nook??

Well, as a result of too much cookie baking and leaning over the table to roll out the dough for several hours, I now have severe lower back pain and will be unable to do much of anything all day (personally, I see this as a sign that I am supposed to take it easy and read a good book all day, but I am afraid that all those Christmas gifts won’t wrap themselves).

Anyway….as I was precariously sitting in the chair trying to read a few blogs, I came across Cathy’s post today that directs us to the blogthink link, What Color is Your Name. Periodically Cathy posts these fun quizzes, and I am always amazed how accurate the results can be. Two quizzes that I have taken recently, with spot-on analysis of yours truly, are included here. I thought you might appreciate some insight into the mind of My Cozy Book Nook.

Enjoy — and perhaps take a quiz or two yourself.

Your Name is Blue

Your name tells people that you are friendly and caring. You have a strong sense of empathy, and you aren’t afraid to wear your heart for all to see.You can often be found in quiet reflection. You rather think about something than act on it.People see you as insightful and intuitive. You usually have a wise take on what’s going on.You try to rise above your instincts. You believe that it’s important to live as good of a life as possible.

Disliking Gym Says You Are Thoughtful

You are thoughtful, philosophical, and downright cerebral.For you, gym is too intense and competitive. You aren’t always in the mood for playing hard.You may or may not be into exercise – but any physical movement you do is under your own terms.You don’t get your happiness through thrills or adrenalin rushes. Your bliss comes from quiet reflection.


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