Beyond excited…..

Ok – this post has nothing to do with books, but I am so excited and wish to share this enthusiasm with others.

I know many of you…and thousands of others….follow the blog of Pioneer Woman. Well, last night she posted pictures of an amazing water color portrait of her basset hound, Charlie. Now Charlie is adorable no matter what, so I know my emotions were somewhat swayed by the subject of the painting. However, I was also taken with the true artistic interpretation of Charlie. His personality came through in beautifully soft, subtle watercolor hues. I was captivated and immediately followed the links to the artist’s website, Fine Art by Rachael Rossman. In perusing her various photos of dogs (although she does paint other subjects, like cats, horses, nature, etc.) – I became obsessed with having my own dogs’ portraits immortalized forever by her artistic talent.

I found several pictures of my dear puppies, in particular Ralfie, the dad, “Mama” Mia – who passed away 18 months ago and I still miss dearly (my tribute to Mia is found here), and Mia’s first litter of puppies. I sent these various photos to the artist to see if there is even a remote possibility that I could have this dream come true.
Much to my surprise – and delight – the artist responded within minutes of my email. She was so complimentary of my photographs (saying how her own children would squeal each time she opened the electronic file) and she provided a very reasonable price quote: $400 for an original water color painting!

Now $400 is expensive for our current fiscal state, but I think it is money well spent. How often can a person say that they have an original? A one of a kind? and of a subject that they care so deeply and passionately about?
My husband and I will be in deep discussion over this unexpected budgetary expense (I am thinking early anniversary/birthday gift(s)???) I will let you know the outcome. In the meantime, if any portion of the post is of interest to you, please check out the artist’s website. You will NOT be disappointed!


  • Sandy Nawrot

    Oh….my baby Meggie, a yellow Lab, has been gone now for six years. I would love to have something done like this. That is alot of money though. It has given me something to think about.

  • Jenny

    I would give anything to have a portrait of my sweet English Bulldog, Savannah who passed on 4 years ago. I miss her everyday. I am saving the artist's info and when our finances permit I will be having a painting done. Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Dave and Tami

    Now you've got me drooling over owning one of these beautiful originals. We had a Springer Spaniel that lived to be 16. She was our baby – slept with us, traveled with us. There will never be another one like her and I know Dave would love one of these portraits. However, I can't get the link to her website to work – it says I need a username and password. Any clue?

    Thanks for sharing your pictures – adorable pups.

  • Wendy

    I'm bookmarking the author's site…I can't afford to do this right now, but I'd love an original water color of Argus and Caribou to hang in my living room…right above their shadow boxes which memorialize their Search and Rescue years.

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