Bloggiesta 2010 – To Do list

Are you participating in this fun fiesta activity hosted by Natasha? I had to miss the first Bloggiesta due to school deadlines, but I was thrilled to hear that a second one was scheduled after the New Year. While the official dates are today through Sunday, I actually cheated and got a jump start on my blog maintenance earlier this month. I wanted to take advantage of my extended holiday break, and did some major – and minor – changes to this online book nook. There are still a few more tweaks here and there that I would like to make before the weekend is over.

Here is a list of what I have already accomplished:
  • weed through blog roll and delete duplicate entries (due to change in blog hosting site) or inactivity
  • add tabs to header to make blog cleaner and more easily navigated (this was not nearly as difficult as I had anticipated)
  • add Link Within feature to promote further reading on my blog (piece of cake!!)
And here is a list of what I would still like to do:
  • write a post where all books read will be listed in a user friendly format (eliminate tabs for books read in 2009 and 2010; have just one tab for books read) DONE
  • streamline labels for blog entries. This was recommended by Candace at Beth Fish Reads and I think she has a good point. Right now I think my labels are too segmented and I need to broaden the scope. DONE
  • learn how to use google reader more efficiently – perhaps organize blog sites into folders DONE
  • write review for The Children’s Book DONE
  • write review for Sixpence House: Lost in a Town of Books DONE
  • write review for The Case of the Missing Books
  • write review for The Housekeeper and the Professor DONE
  • write review for The Moveable Feast (I haven’t finished reading this yet, but I am trying think positively)
  • think about ways I can pre-schedule posts – especially during hectic school periods.

I plan to write a follow-up post on Sunday to account for the tasks completed.


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