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TSS – 01.10.10

As I write the date on the title of the post, I am stunned not only by how fast the new year is passing BUT I love the symmetry of the numbers. I guess October 10th will be a date to remember this year.

But I digress….I wanted to share the updates to the nook since last week’s grand unveiling. My husband has put up shelves and I have filled them (and don’t forget I have two large bookshelves at the far end of the room that house my teaching books). Wow — I really didn’t realize I had this many books since they were all double stacked on the lower shelves. I guess outta sight outta mind really does exist! But the really great news is all the extra space I have to add even more *grin*
I can literally spend hours in this room basking in the solitary silence. It is truly my home within my home.

I managed to bring all my rubber stamp supplies into the nook and put them on the shelves over the craft table. At this point I am sure that all my inkpads have dried out, since they have not been used in nearly two years, but not worry. At least I have all supplies in one place and at my disposal. The comfort that I feel in this room is sure to inspire my creative juices to flow once again, and I look forward to scrapbooking memories and creating gift cards in the near future.

I went to Hobby Lobby and found some wall art at 50% off (if you click on the photo you can see the prints on either side of the window — one of London and the other of Paris). Not only do I love to read and enjoy crafts, but I am passionate about travel – especially to Western Europe. I have such grand dreams of spending several months touring the countryside of England, another few weeks lingering in the wine country of France, and taking a year to fully appreciate the history, beauty and culture of Italy. I can think of no better way to decorate my nook than with pictures that inspire me to achieve these dreams.
I spent the majority of my hours in the nook this week, as Kansas has experienced record winter weather this week. While we did manage to have our teacher in-service last Monday, school was cancelled on Wednesday and Friday due to blowing snow and dangerous wind chills. I, however, kept warm and cozy in my nook reading and blogging and daydreaming about the future.
I managed to participate in the Bloggiesta, which I will publish the final results later today. To that end, I managed to write several back-logged book reviews, and also delve into a few literary finds, like A Truth Universally Acknowledged – a collection of 33 essays on why famous authors read Jane Austen, and A Moveable Feast, Ernest Hemingway’s memoir about his time spent in France. I have thoroughly enjoyed both of them, although I wish I had read more of Hemingway’s works (I have only read The Old Man and The Sea) and the works of his literary friends (such as Ezra Pound, Gertrude Stein, James Joyce and F. Scott Fitzgerald) in order to fully appreciate his references. Sometimes the more I read the more behind I feel. There are SO many classics that I have neglected to read in my life, and there are still more and more wonderful books being released that I do not want to miss. I guess I just need to learn to accept where I am at — and enjoy the literary journey before me.
I feel well-rested and ready to begin the school year. I needed this extra week of relaxation and I know the students will benefit from it as well.


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