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TSS – First Sunday of 2010

It is a melancholy kind of day today as it marks the end of the holiday vacation and tomorrow starts another semester. I am not ready. I have enjoyed being home — sleeping in late, going to bed late, doing what I want to do when I want to do it. But I suppose a steady diet of that kind of lifestyle would soon become unproductive.

I look outside and am still amazed at the amount of snow we have on the ground. It snowed about 9 inches over the course of December 24-27, and last night it snowed another 2 inches, with the forecast predicting yet another snow storm on Wednesday. This is the most snow we have seen in Kansas – at one time – since we moved here in 1990. I LOVE snow! I don’t necessarily take part in the winter sports – but I love the transforming quality of snow. Snow can turn a muddy backyard into a winter wonderland; snow can wash away the winter blues and replace them with a sparkling white slate; snow can quiet the landscape and foster a serene, meditative environment. There is nothing more beautiful than watching feathery snowflakes fall in the soft glow of the street lights, and then snuggling up next to the glow of the fire with a good book to read and cup of hot tea. I LOVE snow!

My most favorite Christmas gift of all arrived yesterday – or at least it started to take shape. My husband gave me brackets and shelving for Christmas to line my Cozy Book Nook walls! In addition, he devised a way to redesign the space so that it will also include my other hobbies, like scrapbooking and card making (this picture shows the view from the door to the room – with craft tables already set up). I will now have my own room devoted to my personal interests, decorated in my own way, playing my own iTunes library of music, and tucked away upstairs in its own little corner of the house. I am an introvert by nature, and the older I get the more hermit-like I become. This small room will allow me to escape the hustle and bustle of every day life – at least for a few hours at a time – and rejuvenate! I am giddy with excitement!
Of course, there is a little bitter with this sweet. The only reason why I have such a nook is because my “little boy” — who turned 21 in December — has left home. Actually, he left home two years ago to pursue his dream of audio engineering in Nashville, TN, but I kept his room the way he left it so he could return home anytime. Well, now that his girlfriend is also living in Nashville, and now that his recording career is taking off, he comes home less and less. We still have a bed waiting for him anytime he needs or wants one — but that bed has now been moved to a different room, and his dormer room is slowly being transformed into a nook.

Yesterday was spent moving beds and dressers out of this room, moving craft supplies and tables into the room, and reconfiguring all stuff into an efficient, well-organized space. Today we will put up shelves (which will cover entire length of this wall and devoted solely to books — *squeal* — and then there will also be shelves hung over the craft table for rubber stamp sets), and I will begin setting up shop. After all shelving is in place I plan to frequent Hobby Lobby to find some fun, decorative prints to hang on the walls. I would love to find some European inspired prints – such as those reminiscent of Paris and London – to give the nook that well-traveled look. I anticipate many hours spent in this cozy corner of the world reading exotic novels, writing detailed journals, and crafting fond memories. I will try to post final pictures when the job is complete.

I put the nook to use last night by finishing the book, Sixpence House: Lost in a Town of Books by Paul Collins. The book is about his pursuit of living the bookish life in Hay-on-Wye in Wales — probably the ideal dream of any bibliophile. I haven’t quite decided what I think of this book – in some ways it offers brilliant writing, in other ways I found myself getting bored and quickly skimming the material. I hope to sort out these conflicting thoughts over the next few days and hopefully write a review soon. In any case….this will certainly count as one book read for the Bibliophilic Book Challenge, which makes me feel as though I am starting off the New Year on the right foot.

I decided to continue this books about books trend and began reading, The Case of the Missing Books, by Ian Sansom. A good friend of mine brought this back for me after going to the Tattered Cover in Denver. It is a dream of mine to visit this two-story booklovers‘ retreat, and she was kind enough to remember me. She selected the book because she liked the cover — and so do I — but I have to tell you that I am really enjoying this comical little mystery. I hope to finish the book this evening, before I tackle lesson plans, and then write a review later in the week.
I hope that all of you are enjoying this final holiday Sunday with lots of warmth, relaxation, and literary pursuits. I look forward to reading your blog posts in 2010, and adding many more books to these shelves as a result of your glowing reviews!


  • Kim

    Well Molly, I am now green with envy over your nook! What a wonderfully special spot. I dream of the day when I have a room devoted to my crafts and books and stuff–but like you it will be bittersweet as it will mean a boy has moved out into the world on his own.
    I tried to read Sixpence House a few years ago but got bored with it and put it down, never to be picked up again. Your Case of the Missing Books looks fun and the I agree, the cover is delightful.
    I hope your new semester starts out well for you–I was supposed to go back to work tomorrow but now that I have pneumonia it looks like I will be using up what little sick time I have left…:(

  • English Teacher

    I feel your sorrow about the last day of the vacation. I had planned to get up early and start preparing my body for the early wake-up tomorrow, but then I couldn't sleep and spent a lot of the night awake and thinking, thinking, thinking!
    So, of course, I slept in again on the last day of vacation and will undoubtably be a grump tomorrow! LOL, poor Grade 8's….not really, they are probably used to my grumpiness on Mondays. I have been lesson planning on the couch as well but I hope to finish soon and return to Emma. My all time favourite Austen book.
    Enjoy your Sunday!

  • Care

    ah, A ROOM of YOUR OWN! sounds cool. You could join and be finished with the WALES reading challenge? I might have to find that Sixpence book myself for that challenge (and the Global Challenge) But I need to start reading and stop challenge-signing!

  • Janel

    Looks like you are well on your way to a lovely nook! I'm just getting caught up on laundry and we had pizza for lunch on our last day before the school routine resumes.

  • Sandy Nawrot

    I know, this feels like the last day of fun for awhile. While the kids go back to school and my routine returns, it is so nice not having the homework and sports activities 24/7. I REALLY like your new nook! Sad that it is replacing your baby's room (it will be upon me before I know it) but it is my dream to have something like that – my own little happy place! Get ready for Game On tomorrow!

  • Kaye

    Ahhh, so lovely to have your own space like that. I would be so giddy with excitement I couldn't even talk about it.

    Enjoy every minute you are in your own private world.

  • Literary Feline

    I am not eager to get back to work either–at least not quite yet.

    I think it's wonderful that you'll have your own room for your crafts and such. A slice of heaven on earth. 🙂

    I read The Case of the Missing Books when it first came out and enjoyed it. I am glad you are too.

    Have a great week, Molly!

  • JoAnn

    Have fun transforming your nook – what a great space! I started Sixpence House a few years ago, got bored and put it aside. Will look for your review to see if I should try again or donate it to the library.

  • bermudaonion

    It is bittersweet when your kids grow up and fly the coop, but we have to remember it's a good thing since that was the goal the whole time. I'm insanely jealous of your nook!

  • Vivienne

    I am so envious of your little room of heaven. I have part of the living room which is really long, as my scrap room, but all my books are upstairs along the hall. I want all of it in one room. I can dream and ogle yours. Can't wait to hear more about the book your reading and whether you decide you like it or not. It sounds really interesting.

  • Gavin

    What a wonderful space for your reading! I'm back to school tomorrow as well but hope to remain focused and rested as I re-enter the flow of student energy.

    Have a wonderful week, Molly.

  • Book Dilettante

    Nice to have a special place for your books, upstairs. Most of my books are downstairs and some of those are in a jumble. New year's resolution – sort the books! Hope you visit my Sunday Salon week's wrap up.

  • Steph

    I can see how the transformation of your reading nook is bittersweet, but the reading space you are developing is really so lovely. I can't wait until Tony & I are no longer renting so that we can put up shelves to our hearts' content! My dream is to eventually have a room that is dedicated to books and reading!

  • Diane

    Molly……I loved what you said about private space, and as you get older being more and more of a hermit (that's me too). It must be a characteristic of us book loving introverts. Sad in ways about your son leaving home, but sounds like he is happy and that is what our job is all about –raising well adjusted kids right? so enjoy the New Year, and your new space. It looks cozy 🙂

  • Florinda

    It's my last day of vacation too. Sigh.

    Your new room sounds lovely, although it's always a little sad that these rooms usually come from the "old" room of one of our children. (My son's been out of the house for almost 3 years; I understand the bittersweetness.) Looking forward to seeing how it turns out!

  • Nicole (Linus's Blanket)

    You really make a great case for the snow. Sign me up! Unfortunately here in New York it's pretty when it's falling and maybe a day more, but after that it becomes slushy and gross!

    I love that you are going to have a room of our own. You deserve! It's a little bittersweet but it great that you still always have a place waiting for your son when he needs it. Enjoy your room!

  • kikiv68

    Thanks for sharing your little corner of the world with us. I am so excited for you. As I get older, I find myself needing more "space"! I can't wait to see the final product. I am teacher too, so I'm off to school…I wish you a great first week back!

  • Beth F

    Your room looks beautiful and so perfect for sneaking away to craft or read. Bittersweet to have the room, but more positive than negative.

    Have a wonderful 2010.

  • Jenners

    I love that you are (literally) getting your cozy book nook. And I'm sure your "little boy" will be just fine with it … he knows he always has a place with you!

  • Bonnie

    Your nook sounds wonderful! Keep us posted on the progress of the room. It's nice to have your own space, with work and all the other responsibilities you have. Enjoy!

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