Wednesday with Pictures….

I was going to make this part of the Wordless Wednesday post, but I knew that I couldn’t just post the photos without a little bit of detail. (this one is proof that neither rain, nor snow, nor dark of night keeps the postal workers from delivering our mail).

It is snowing in Kansas City — again. We are supposed to receive about 5 inches of snow after the system passes through sometime tomorrow morning. This is after the blizzard on Christmas Eve that accumulated about 9 inches of snow and another 2 inch snowfall last weekend. The temperatures have not been above 20 degrees since Christmas, so no thawing has taken place. The high — the HIGH on Friday is supposed to be zero!!

While we normally have snow in Kansas, and some years we have had a fair amount, there is a typical pattern: snow a few inches, then two days later the temperature spikes to 40 degrees and it all melts away. This weather pattern is highly unusual for us, and I must say, it does nothing for my belief in global warming (typo corrected — thanks Rodger!!)
The good news is that we had a snow day today! This is the first time in about 3 years and I was incredibly excited! I spent some of the day trying to get ahead on lesson plans (with the hopes that I can read all day tomorrow) — but I did manage to go outside and take a few pictures of the dogs frolicking in the fluffy stuff. Sure wish I had a fur coat to keep me warm!

This picture just cracks me up! While I am quite sure Jude is just in the middle of a yawn, it appears as though he is screaming, “I’ve had enough!!!” — echoing the sentiments of several midwest inhabitants this week.


  • Sandy Nawrot

    Right, what Kathy said! It is getting near freezing at night in Florida, and you'd think it was the end of the world! I love the pictures of your babies in the snow. Makes me sad and makes me miss my Lab!

  • Kim

    I felt the same way about global warming last year when we Seattlites got locked into the same pattern of snowfall with no warm up in between storms. Things were a mess,but I have to say that looking at your pictures I am a bit jealous. We have not received any snow this year–although I am sure my husband the mailman does not share in my sentiments. Working in snow conditions is exhausting–be nice to your mail people everyone! 🙂
    PS–hope you get more snow days to enjoy!

  • Janel

    I recognize that snow covered doggy face look. I call it powdered sugar donut face 🙂 We've been getting light fluffy snow everyday, so I see that kind of doggy face a lot.

  • Beth F

    Love your tabs — they look great. And Global warming was misnamed. It's really global weird weather or global weather extremes. So my belief is strengthened season after season.

    Love the photos!

  • Inside A Book

    You bet your pup is saying, "I've had enough!" Enough of being outside…he wants to come in and read!!! So bring on the hot cocoa, stoke up the fires and bring on the snow!! (Actually we're shoveling sunshine here and flirting with 70!!) While that may be nice, it doesn't mean any "snowdays" at school but we have had "heat warnings" and last year we had "mosquito days!" Too funny…
    Enjoy a little reading time – may you have lots of good books to pile around you for warmth.

  • Vivienne

    We had a snow day too yesterday. We are also having one today. I have lived here 7 years and this is the first time we have had so much snow. We normally only get one day of snow, but this is the second time in three week and more is predicted on the weekend.

  • JoAnn

    Hurray for snow days!! Did you really write 'global warning'? I love it…

    We're nearing 60 inches of snow so far this season (slightly ahead of normal). Wish I could head south for a little break.

  • Lisa

    I'll bet it is a shock not to have the snow melt off. We have had nine more inches since the first of the year already, on top of the 30+ inches we got in December. We'll be looking at snow until April with the temps the way they have been!

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