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Weekend Cooking: National Pie Day!

As I sit here typing the post and looking out the window I realize that it is the first time in weeks – literally before Christmas, that there is no snow on the ground! We have actually been above freezing for most of the week and the nearly one foot of snow has finally melted. Of course, this means that my family room will now be a muddy mess as dogs go in and out the back door, but that is a small price to pay for a bit of warm weather. Hopefully the forecast of falling temps and more snow tomorrow are inaccurate!

I wasn’t quite sure what to write today (I still have 30 more pages to read in The Swan Thieves, and the review for A Moveable Feast is not yet complete) and then I read on Lorraine Bartlett’s blog, Dazed and Confused, that today is National Pie Day! Who knew?! I LOVE pie! Given a choice of desserts, I would choose pie over cake, ice cream, and most cookies. I love fruit pies (apple and peach are my favorites, but blueberry is a close runner up); custard pies (coconut and chess pies are favorites); holiday pies (pecan and pumpkin – although mincemeat is quite delicious); well…you get the idea.
Unfortunately, I have yet to master the perfect pie crust and (cringe) I tend to buy the ready-made crusts in the refrigerated section. Someday, however, I will take the time to tackle that challenge. It is tough job, but I am willing to make the sacrifice. I will persevere and make as many pies as I need to in order to complete the mission.
In the spirit of Beth Fish Reads weekly meme, Weekend Cooking, I thought I would post my two favorite pie recipes, Southern Living’s Apple Pie and my mom’s traditional Poor Man’s Pecan Pie, but then I realized I already wrote those recipes for the Fall Festival Recipe Exchange. So I thought if you are interested, you can view those recipes here, or perhaps you have your own favorite pie recipe that you would like to share in honor of this auspicious occasion.


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