A Work in Progress

About two weeks ago I posted about a wonderful artist, Rachael Rossman, who had just recently painted a watercolor portrait of the Pioneer Woman’s faithful basset hound, Charlie. I was immediately taken with this life-like rendition and contacted Rachael about the possibility of immortalizing my two yellow labs, Ralf and Mia. The $400 price tag was definitely not a planned budgetary expense, but both my husband and I felt that this would be money well spent. I sent her several pictures and she immediately began work on the portrait.



I opened my email yesterday morning and absolutely squealed with glee! Rachael sent me the current work on progress. She told me that the paint was still wet and there is still work left to be done, but she thought I might like to see its progress (and incidently, if you follow the link to her blog above, you will see this work sitting on her desk — how cool!)

It truly brought tears to my eyes! She has totally captured Ralf’s vibrant eyes and outgoing personality – which is in stark contrast to Mia’s wistful gaze and quiet spirit. Mia always had problems with her ears – ever since she was a puppy – and the lopsided left ear in the portrait is one of her unique qualities that we will all remember.
I hope you don’t become too bored with my updates on the artwork – but these are my babies and I simply cannot contain my excitement. I will definitely write a post once I receive a photo of the finished work. And then possibly a final post when I have it framed and hanging on my nook wall, where they will forever keep me company as I read.


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