Review: 8 Minutes in the Morning

A simple way to shed up to 2 pounds a week guaranteed
by Jorge Cruise
published by Rodale
copyright 2001
rating: 4.5 out of 5
One of my New Year’s Resolutions for say the past decade has been to concentrate on fitness for a healthy lifestyle. I am a huge believer in moderation of everything – but since my life has not included water nor exercise for a while, I felt as though I was not living my own maxim. I suppose there was something about turning 50, however, that gave this year’s resolution sticking power. We are now in February and I have walked over 35 miles, drunk (on average) 4-6 glasses of water a day (which is not optimum – but I am working towards that goal), and I have completed one complete circuit of the 8 Minute workouts outlined in this book.
I had really never heard of this exercise regime before, but as I was browsing through the used bookstore a little after Christmas (I had a gift card, you know), I saw this book on the clearance rack. I figured for $2.00, what did I have to lose and the premise of the book seemed quite manageable: complete 4 cycles of two different exercises each morning for a total workout time of approximately 8 minutes. Now, I am just as busy as the next person (or so I tell myself), but I thought that I should be able to find 8 minutes in my day to exercise – right?
Now I cannot vouch for losing 2 pounds a week, as weight loss was not my goal. I just want to build up some muscle tone and become a bit more lean. I found all the exercises doable except for the two that required a push-ups. My upper arm strength has never been good, and that will take a while to develop. I did purchase a set of 3-pound weights, and if I continue with these exercises over the course of the year (which is my intention), then I will have to eventually invest in a set of 5-pound weights as well. However, there is not other equipment to buy – no fancy steps to learn – no gym membership – no driving in all weather conditions – no fancy workout clothes or latest fitness shoes to purchase — just a simple desire to take those baby steps to better health.
I would recommend this book to anyone who, like me, uses the excuse of “I have no time to exercise” I know you have 8 minutes and while it may take a while for the results to be evident in the mirror, the emotional satisfaction of doing something good for yourself is instantaneous.


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