Bookishness: In case you missed it….

I have spent a leisurely Saturday morning sleeping in, drinking coffee, and catching up on blog reading.  One of my favorite weekly posts is Cathy’s Weekly Link Round Up.  If you haven’t had an opportunity to read this regular feature, you simply must check it out today.  My most favorite link that she provided this week was the world’s largest outdoor bookcase:  30 bookcases filled with books for the visitors of Bondi Beach in Sydney Australia to enjoy.  OH MY — if I lived near this beach, I would never leave!  You can read more about the event as well as view more spectacular photographs at the above link.

Another “just in case you missed it” — last night I came home from school and turned on the television to catch the local news.  It wasn’t quite 5:00pm yet and Oprah was just winding down her broadcast.  She highlighted this “flash mob” video of Ocoee Middle School.  If you love reading and want to be inspired….watch this video.  The “lead” dancer is the Principal of the school, and each student was asked to bring a copy of their favorite book to the taping session.

And, in true Oprah form…..at the end of the broadcast she (and Target) donated 2,000 books to the school’s library.  AMAZING!!


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