Read-athon: Preliminary post

Oh my word — it is FINALLY here!  Can I share my book nerdiness with you and let you know that I have truly been counting down the days to this read-athon?  I actually organized my lesson plans so that I would have no grading or planning to do this weekend so that I could fully concentrate on reading for a minimum of 12 hours over the course of the next two days (maybe even more!)

Of course my reading list has changed since my original one posted here.  I knew that would happen.  Right now I am very excited about this novel idea that I plan to write over the summer and I want to try to read published novels that are similar.  The YA novels up for grabs include:

Of course, a fine selection of books is not a problem.  So if my fickle mind decides to go in another direction, I will have no problem adapting to that whim.

This message was pre-recorded and scheduled to post at the starting time of 6:00AM Central Daylight Time.  At this point I should have been up for about 30 minutes, had a cup of coffee, and begun the first leg of reading for this event.  I will plan to post again later this morning.

I hope all of you who are participating a glorious read-athon adventure; and for those who are unable to join us this go-around, I hope you are enjoying some lovely spring weather!


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