Shakespeare Tea

As I mentioned in my Sunday Salon post, I attended a “high tea” with “Shakespeare snippets” on Sunday afternoon.  A fellow teacher invited me to go with her to this annual event sponsored by the Daughters of the British Empire (DBE).  I must say, it was a delightful way to spend the afternoon.

The room was set up with approximately 20 different round tables, six people at each table, so it was a well-attended event.  Each table was set for high tea using a variety of china pieces.  The DBE women served as waitresses and brought the various condiments to our table.  There was plenty of tea, of course, with choice of lemon, sugar or cream.  I loved looking at all the different styles of tea pots and drank far too many cups of the perfectly brewed selection.

The food was quite lovely and brought to the table on a typical 3-tiered serving rack. The first course fare focused on savory tea sandwiches such as: Barrington Court Beef, Cambridge Egg,  English Cucumber, and
Warwick Egg and Cheese Tarts.

The second course focused on the quintessential tea cake selections, such as:  devon cream scones with Strawberry preserves, Londonderry Lemon Curd Tarts (my favorite), and Scottish Shortbread.

The final course was a lovely Victorian Park Tea Cake with candied orange rind.  It looked beautiful, but quite honestly, I was too full to take more than one decadent mouthful.

The tea lasted approximately one hour and then there was a 15 minute presentation of a scene from Shakespeare’s As You Like It performed by teen members of the Team Shakespeare troupe of Kansas City.  They did an amazing job, and I think I was particularly interested since I am currently trying to “direct” my 8th graders in a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  I wish there was time for more theater, but alas the afternoon concluded around 3:30.

All in all this was a unique outing for me, and one that I hope to make an annual tradition.


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