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As many of you know this is finals week for me and I have been a grading fiend!  Just one more day of school, a night of graduation, and I am free for the summer.

I have struggled with reading all week.  I have had a few minutes of free time each night and have longed to get lost in a good book for well-deserved distraction, but lately, nothing has grabbed me.  I must have tried 4 or 5 different books – everything from mystery to classic to memoir – and yet none of them swept me away as I had hoped.  Has that ever happened to you?

Last night however, I decided to pick up John Connolly’s novel, The Book of Lost Things.  I thought perhaps I should try to read something for one of my many reading challenges and this one suits the requirement for Carl’s Once Upon a Time challenge.

OH MY!!  This was the book I was meant to read at this time in my life.  I think I could easily highlight a meaningful word or phrase or paragraph from each of the 17 pages I have read so far.  But let me leave you with just one of those extraordinary word images:

Instead, there was only the kind of silence that comes when someone takes away a clock to be repaired and after a time you become aware of its absence because its gentle, reassuring tick is gone and you miss it so.

Is this as powerful to you as it is to me?  I shall ponder this quote all day….


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