Library Loot: Part 1

I don’t know what it is about my personality — it is as though I am in a constant state of “all-or-nothing” mode.  Inherently I know that I have twelve more weeks of summer vacation.  I know that is a lot of time.  And yet…I am acting as though I must accomplish a year’s worth of activities each week.  I am sure whatever my condition is….it has the suffix –aholic attached to it:  Workaholic – Vacation-aholic??

It is for this reason that my Library Loot post will not be one….not two….but actually three different posts (and possibly a fourth!).  Why you ask?!  Because in one week alone I brought home over 25 books and I still have another 30 books on hold.  Now in my defense, not all of these books are novels or I really would be certifiably crazy.  No, they can easily be divided into 4 or more categories, which is why I am dividing my posts.

The first series of books are devoted to the theme of photography.  I believe I shared with you in the spring that I would like to be able to take a decent photograph.  No aspirations of becoming a photographer, just the ability to take a photo that others wouldn’t mind viewing.  When I thought I would travel to Europe this summer, I borrowed my daughter’s digital SLR and experimented a bit over Spring break.  Now I have chosen to view the postponement of my travels abroad as the opportunity to hone this craft.  To that end, these are the books that I selected to read first (I am sure others will be forthcoming in the weeks ahead):

I have also discovered another addiction in my life — similar to book blogs:  Flickr.  Are you familiar with this amazing social network site with an educational element?! Oh my, I know it has been in existence for quite sometime, but I had no idea what fun it could be!  I have only uploaded a few photos, although I plan to do lots more of that this summer.  I have also used the How to use Flickr book to discover some amazing photo groups like the bookshelf project (what each bibliophile just drools over), cream of the crop (only the top photos are a part of this group and the amazing thing is that you click on details for each picture and learn how they captured the shot!), and moleskine notebooks (I have wanted to keep one for quite a long time, but never thought I was creative enough.  Well, these photos will give even me inspiration!)

If you haven’t checked out flickr — you really should (even if you don’t take pictures it is fun to just look at them all) — and if you would like to view my photostream (such as it is) – please feel free to do so.


  • Marie

    the books on digital photography and flickr look great. that's one area of my online life that I've never really gotten into and I think I should look out for some of these books!

  • C.B. James

    I like the moleskins. I've been keeping notebooks like that for several years, though I tend to do more cut and paste collage than drawing.

    Honestly, you don't have to be all that great at art to end up with a very cool notebook. Finished ones, full of artwork, are always fun to browse through even if the artwork isn't all that great. I look on my as a place to practice and warm up before I start more substantial projects.

  • Vasilly

    I had to laugh when I read how many books your have checked out and on hold! I think I have about 30 out and 20 on hold. When it's summer vacation, there's just so much you want to read. It's like trying to make up for lost time. Happy reading.

  • Staci

    Your loot looks great and I hope that they books help you tweak your photographs. I would love to take a class or two on photography in general. I think Flickr could be very addictive. Enjoy!!! Looking forward to Loot parts 2-4

  • Lynne

    I need to get the Flickr book! I just spent 3 hours uploading pictures to Flickr and posting them on my son's basketball blog that I keep for the team. I had no idea they had all those groups and such.

    Off I go…

  • Margot at Joyfully Retired

    After reading this post it occurred to me that, if things get tough, you could have an extra career in convention planning. I'm excited just reading the possibilities. Wish I could go but I'll go virtually this year, just like you.

  • Kathleen

    I have yet to get on Flickr but many of my friends are already there. I love looking at people's photostreams. Yours is so great…the pictures of those dogs make me want to go to the pound and adopt a few more puppies of my own!

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