Library Loot: Part 2 – Cookbooks

I mentioned last week – prior to the fabulous Armchair BEA event – that I have made several online visits to my local library, requesting books like there is no tomorrow.  The first group of library books posted had to do with my newfound hobby of photography.  Today’s loot, in honor of Weekend Cooking, will focus on an old past-time of mine, cooking.

I used to love to cook – before picky eaters and full-time job entered my life.  But I am finally at a point where the picky eater fix their own meal (on the rare chance that she is actually home for dinner), and I feel that my teaching life is at a point where I do not have to focus on it constantly.  I am hoping to find some new recipes to add to my old collection, so that come fall I can easily plan a week’s worth of meals, cook about 3 nights out of 7, and enjoy leftovers the remaining days.

The cookbooks that I focused on this time are Food Network stars that never fail:  Rachel Ray (I need to master the 30 minute meal), the Barefoot Contessa, and Paula Dean.  I also added a Taste of Home book to the mix as well as a Chinese book by Martin Yan to hopefully help me utilize my new wok.

I quickly discovered while skimming these books that I will have to make the recipes on a rather infrequent basis or my waste-line will expand exponentially and all the money I saved by eating in – will soon be spent on a new wardrobe.  But…not to fear…I just went online and ordered several “lower fat” cookbooks that should be ready for pick up next week.  So….I will obviously not run short of library loot postings over the summer months!

Do you have a favorite low-fat summer recipe (or cookbook) that you would like to share?  I would love to hear!


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