Not Quite “Wordless” Wednesday

One of the goals I hope to accomplish this summer is to learn to take a decent picture.  I have no aspirations of becoming a photographer, but I do want to learn how to compose a shot that someone besides myself wouldn’t mind viewing.

I have borrowed my daughter’s Canon Rebel camera until I decide which digital SLR I want for myself.  Yesterday was the first sunny day in Kansas in days (although it felt like months!).  I decided to venture to the local children’s petting zoo, The Rose Deanna Farmstead, and take a few shots.  Actually, I took about 200 pictures, but I was pleased with about 15 of them.  I set up a Flickr account and experimented with the photo editing software, Picnik, to help ‘pop’ some of the colors.  Here are a few examples of my debut photography outing.

The quintessential Kansas barn – I wanted to try to capture the reflection in the water

I took countless pictures of the windmill full height, but I liked this photo best

One room schoolhouse from the turn of the century

I recently read a photography tip:  try to capture the small details.  This was my attempt

I really enjoy this photo of the chicken peering out of the coop.

The goats are a hoot!  They are trained to think that humans are synonymous with free food.

If the weather holds out tomorrow (yes, we are supposed to get another 2-3 inches of rain by Thursday night!), then I plan to take the camera to the local Arboretum to try my hand at floral and fauna pictures.

I hope you are having a lovely week!


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