Wordless Wednesday: Where does the time go?

Mandy as Madeleine – age 5

Well, as many of you know, I find it difficult to remain totally silent when I post a photo.  I guess that is why I am try to investigate a form of Journalistic Photography.  I promise my narrative to be concise.

Yesterday was enrollment day in our school district.  I waited until Mandy woke up (at 1:30PM!!) and we finally left for school around 2:00.  Normally this is not something that I would consider blog worthy – but yesterday was the last time that I will take part in enrollment activities.  I have been doing this annual event since 1991 when my eldest entered Kindergarten, and now, in 2010, I have enrolled my “baby” for her senior year.  
Mandy today 
I marvel at the passage of time.  Some days seem to pass agonizingly s-l-o-w, and yet when I look with perspective over the years, they have all sped by so quickly.  I think that is why I like to take photos of family memories – both the special occasions and the every day life – because what we feel is going to last forever, in reality, is gone in the blink of an eye.
Enjoy the journey!


  • Sandy Nawrot

    Scary isn't it? I can't believe my oldest is going into 7th grade, and I know that before I blink a couple of times, both of my kids will be in college. Whaaa! Your daughter is beautiful by the way.

  • JoAnn

    Beautiful post, and so full of truth! My "babies" will start senior year soon (they had identical Madeleine costumes, too!). It will be an emotion-filled year ahead, for sure!
    Mandy is beautiful!

  • Kathleen

    Your daughter is a beautiful young lady. My son will be Junior this year. I know what you mean about the time flying by. I just can't believe he will be leaving for college in 2 short years!

  • Kaye

    Your daughter is beautiful with such a beaming smile. I wish her a wonderful senior year. The time seems to go faster the older you get. I can't believe my girls are in their forties. Now that is really scary!

  • Dave and Tami

    It's only the beginning of a year full of "lasts", but some of them are good things. 🙂 If you've never read Karen Kingsbury's "Let Me Hold You Longer" you should find a copy ASAP. It's classified as a children's book, but it's really a mom's book. Just be sure you have a box of tissues close by.

    Mandy is a beautiful girl. Good luck on her senior year.

  • Joan

    Oh Molly..your daughter is beautiful. We work so hard at our careers and now looking back if I could have anytime back again it would be when my boys were little. I'd laugh more and hug more ..you are so right ..it is all gone in the blink of an eye!

  • Anonymous

    Oh how I know the feeling. Went through this will my oldest. Now he's finished with technical college and is on the hunt for a job. My daughter will be my last…and that's when the tears will come tumbling down.

    Love the pics…you have a gorgeous daughter and I love the text. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Mandy is beautiful and her smile shines with the hope of youth. I so remember when my "baby" started her senior year of high school and how I felt and the awareness of the passage of time.

    My baby just had a baby of her own. Enjoy each step of the journey and keep exploring and journalling with that wonderful new camera.

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