August Break: Back to School

Since the time I was in preschool, I have always looked forward to the start of a new school year.  At that time I was anxious to socialize with friends and see who had the greatest show n tell.  When I was a young mother I relished the thought of back-to-school so that I could have a bit of time to myself after a summer of chauffeuring children to various outings.  Now I actually look forward to meeting new students and teaching familiar lessons.

While I love ALL the back-to school shopping and stocking up on the necessary office supplies, there is somehow nothing as symbolic of a fresh start as a new box of crayons.  The uniform points ensure that all marks will stay within the lines; the vibrant colors are reminiscent of the rebirth of spring and the bounty of summer; and the varied assortment opens the imagination to unlimited possibilities for creativity.
I have never been much of an artist, but I have always enjoyed crayons.  There is something very soothing and meditative about shading the empty space with a pastel wash or a bold splash of color.
The other day I could not remember what I enjoyed doing when I was ten or eleven years old besides playing school, but now I remember that coloring was high on the list as well.  Perhaps I should try to find a holiday coloring book the next time I am out and begin to reconnect with that inner child.


  • lifeonthecutoff

    I simply adore a new box of crayons (was thinking of blogging about them myself) and all the possibilities they bring. I pull the box and some coloring books out when children are around and it seems it is always the adults that start coloring.

  • Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow

    Oh, Fall is my favorite season for all those reasons you listed. I so loved the beginnings symbolized by the start of a school year—even long after I no longer went to school or had kids who did.

    Now my grandkids are enjoying their school days. They get excited about the new clothes and supplies, just as I did.

    I even loved the scent of the school buildings after being away for a couple of months.

    Hope your school season is great!

  • Jenners

    I too was always a huge fan of the beginning of school. First, because I am a nerd. Second, because I love love love school supplies. And I love a new box of crayons. Since I had my son, I've gotten in touch with my inner crayoner … but once they lose that point, they just aren't as good.

  • Lisa

    My 15yo still loves to get coloring books and color with a friend. So much so that for her birthday, she got a huge new box of crayons even though we are still working our way through the bin of crayons that survived each year of grade school. And I haven't had a kid in grade school in four years!

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