I thought a fitting photo today would be one that captured the weather here in Kansas.  The local news tonight informed us that the official high was 99 degrees in the city – with a heat index of 114 degrees!!!  

So I decided to test the adage:  It is hot enough to fry an egg.  And while the finished product (after about 45 minutes in the direct sun) is more translucent than I prefer my cooked eggs, it is apparent that the heat from the sidewalk, combined with the direct exposure to the sun did indeed congeal the egg white.  Yep.  It is H-O-T.
So….what better way to handle the heat than to see a movie.  Mandy and I treated ourselves to the matinee showing of Toy Story 3 at the Forks and Screens theater.  While we paid $12 a ticket, we also received a $7.50 food voucher (enough for a popcorn that is refillable OR two drinks) and  extra comfortable seating.  What a glorious afternoon it was.  We were cool, we were entertained, and we ate junk food.  The trifecta!
Mandy is in that elite demographic group that is actually Andy’s age.  She was about three when the first Toy Story was released, and she will be packing up to go to college next year.  While we both enjoyed the movie, I am assuming that she related more to the optimistic teenager, while I related to the misty-eyed mom.  While there are scenes that are definite tear jerkers, there are plenty that provide laughs and humor like only Disney can deliver.  I marvel how many different uses they can find for a single toy, or how many double entendres they can interject.  This is definitely a movie that we will anxiously wait to  purchase when it is released on DVD.
Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be just as hot and humid.  I am thinking that my pocketbook probably cannot afford another matinee so perhaps homemade ice cream will be the way to cool off.  Yummm…..


  • Beth

    Wow, it was hot like that back in early July but it has gotten more bearable…here in south-western Ontario it's the humidity that kills you. All the great lakes just roll the water into the air. Love the picture!

  • Aths

    Haha .. love the eggxperiment! 🙂

    It has been hot hot hot here till two days back, but luckily it just cooled down here since yesterday. It rained too, phew!

  • Sandy Nawrot

    I feel your pain down here in Florida. Dude, my pool water is 95 degrees!!! Ugh. Not only that but my poor baby boy just started tackle football practice. I feel like I am putting him on Game On Diet, because I am pumping liters and liters of water into him before he goes to practice!

  • Jenners

    I love that you actually fried an egg!! I have to do that with my Little One on the next really hot day!!!

    And wasn't Toy Story 3 so well done? I thought it was the best of the bunch. And to have your child literally grow up with the movies must be a neat experience.

  • Trish

    Ha! Never tested the egg theory but I bet it would work here, too. I'm not sure what our heat index is but just temp alone has been about 105 all week long. I don't count on seeing any relief until September. 🙁

  • Alyce

    I'm so glad it's not that hot here! We've been having a very mild summer, and it was the first time in ages that my son's birthday wasn't over 100 degrees.

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