Unexpected Get-away

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On Sunday night my Facebook status said something along the lines of “This is the last week of summer and I want to make it count.  Any suggestions of what I should do?”  I really didn’t expect too many replies, except maybe a few well-wishers and sympathizers.

On Monday morning I woke up to an email message from a school family whom I have known for several years.  She had read my status and offered the use of their lake house for the week!  I was quite speechless.
They are currently in California, the house is lying vacant, and she wanted to offer its use as a gift.  It is located in a small, quiet town about 3.5 hours from Kansas City.   There is no cable, no phone (limited cell service), and sporadic internet.  It sounds like the perfect get-away to me!
After careful consideration (it is difficult for me to accept gifts and compliments — and I had to find care for the dogs), I decided to take her up on this kind and generous offer.  The girls are going to join me (Geoff has to work) and we leave this morning.  I am taking my camera (in the hopes of venturing on several photo shoots), my “research” books for my writing, and my laptop.  I will pack only a  few clothes, a swimsuit, and no makeup.  I am NOT taking school work (outta sight, outta mind is what I am hoping for – at the very least it will prevent me from focusing on curriculum the entire time).  We will relax on the dock, eat simple fare, and sleep in late.  
This is a most unexpected get-away, and I feel very blessed.
I will post again this weekend.


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