Isn’t this cute?!

Well, school is in full swing right now and my daughter is experiencing a lot of “final” high school experiences.  We already had our ‘final’ first day of school picture, and now we are headed into the fall season.

A week ago she didn’t think that she would be going to homecoming this year.  This weekend, all that changed.
On Saturday afternoon these flowers were delivered – and the card said:
Hold this to the Mirror of Erised
To see what you desire
Mandy quickly noticed that the roses are the colors of Gryffindor House.
She opened the scroll – which looked like this.
After holding it up to the mirror she discovered that it read:
Will You be the Hermione to my Ron
And go to Homecoming with me?
In keeping with this Harry Potter theme, Mandy replied in the affirmative by purchasing a small owl stuffed animal and attaching a note that read something like:
Neither demons nor bludgers
Nor all the Malfoys –
Not even Valdemort himself
Could prevent me from going to homecoming with you.
Yes…this is a relationship based on Harry Potter and this bibliophile mother could not be more pleased that her youngest loves literature almost as much as she does!
Mandy actually looks like Hermione and Jake is definitely Ron Weasley made over.  There is even talk that they may attend the dance in character.  If that is the case, you can be sure that I will post pictures.


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