I was at the hospital today visiting with Mom and waiting to talk with the nurse regarding her condition.  I arrived around 3:00pm and put in my request to talk with her before I even went into Mom’s room.  I was told that the nurse had just admitted another patient, but “would be with me shortly”

That is a nebulous term, “be with you shortly”  I consider “shortly” to mean 15 or 20 minutes, wouldn’t you?
Forty minutes later (yes 4-0) the nurse popped her head in the room and said that she was really busy but she would be back in “just a minute”  Now, I am not naive enough to think that just a minute means 60 seconds, but I think that perhaps 5-10 minutes is a reasonable time frame.
Shortly after this there was announcement over the intercom that a Dr. Anderson was needed in the ER – stat.  This was repeated about 3 times and I thought that perhaps we were dealing with a rush hour accident, or a heart attack patient.  I said a quick prayer for those in ER….but went on seething at the incredibly long wait that I had to endure in order to ask one simple question.
After one hour and ten minutes I left the hospital — never having spoken to the nurse.  While I was quite frustrated, I did rationalize that there is always tomorrow.
Just now I was watching the news and I heard that a 7 year old boy tried to run between two cars walking home from school today.  He was rushed to the hospital at 3:45 PM — the same hospital where my mom is staying.  They tried to resuscitate him; they tried to do all they could do.  He did not make it.
I am certain that Dr. Anderson was the doctor on call.
And I am so sorry that I my patience is so weak, and I am so self-centered, to think that I was being inconvenienced when a young boy was fighting for his life and a family was struggling downstairs.  Their lives are forever changed; and I have come to realize that I am truly blessed.
I pray for the ER staff who valiantly strived to save this young boy; I pray for his family – who is left wondering how on earth this could happen when the morning started off so typical; and I pray for the driver of the car that hit him — knowing that they had no idea that a young child would run across their path so unexpectedly.


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