Leaving on a Jet Plane….

Well, I am sitting here at the Kansas City “international” airport waiting for my late afternoon flight to Nashville.  It is a wonderful feeling to be sitting here free from grading duties, my two-pound netbook in my lap, looking forward to a wonderful weekend with my son and his girlfriend, my brother and his wife, and the piece de la resistance —- the Birth of Impressionism Exhibit at the Frist Museum.  I have been looking forward to this trip since July and I am finding it hard to believe that the time has finally arrived.

Before I must board the plane I want to share my packing woes from last night, as I know the readers of this blog are probably the only ones who will fully appreciate my predicament.  Now you must know that I will be gone for just the weekend, so I only had to pack clothes for two days.  This proved to be very easy as I only needed one pair of jeans and two sweaters.  The required undergarments and toiletries took only a few minutes to assemble and I was done.  The real problem, however, occurred when I had to decide which books to bring in my carry-on bag.  I knew that I didn’t want to pack too many because lugging them around causes my shoulder severe pain.  I didn’t want to take too few because I didn’t know if I would be delayed at the airport.  And then there is always the quandary as to what sort of book I would want to read this weekend.  Some non-fiction?  Perhaps I could read a bit on Impressionism in preparation for the exhibit — or I could read a photography book:  Visual Poetry is my current interest.  Or maybe I would feel like escaping into the world of fiction.  But which world?  I could begin reading something for the Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge, or perhaps I would prefer a cozy mystery?
It took me no less than forty-five minutes to make my ultimate decision, and even now I am afraid that perhaps I will regret not bringing just one more book.  For a two-day trip I have brought a total of four books!  Am I pathetic or what?
For those who are interested, here are the ones that made the cut:
Well, I now must sign off and decide which one of the four books I want to start reading.  
I hope you all have a terrific first weekend in December.  I know that I sure will!


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