A Work in Progress

I realize it has been a couple of weeks since my last post – the one where I said that I was gearing up to start blogging again.  And I wasn’t lying.  I really do want to blog again and reconnect with this online community that I love so well.  But I have never been one to rush into change.  I like routine.  Even if it is boring and has lost its usefulness, I still hold on for dear life.  But I am slowly learning to let go of the grip – and I anticipate that 2013 will be a year of many changes.

Yesterday I spent time organizing photography memes and prompts to help me with my attempt at completing the 365 project in 2013.  While I was fairly consistent the first part of 2012, unexpected summer occurrences derailed me and I quit the project mid-June.  I did learn a lot about photography, however, and how to slow down long enough to view the world around me.  I hope to capitalize on this knowledge and use these prompts to help me delve into the more creative side of photography this coming year, rather than just looking at it as a documentary of my daily life.

Today I took another step forward and developed a potential weekly blogging routine.  While most of my family loathes the structure of a daily routine, I thrive on it.  And since this is my blog – I have decided that I will try to use this tool/crutch to help me focus and keep a balanced blogging life.  Of course, this is always subject to tweaking…but here is my preliminary outline:

  • Monday Morning Preview – I am not fond of Mondays, so I thought a quick preview of my week ahead, both obligations and potential projects, might be a great way to ease into the weekly writing routine.
  • Crafty Tuesday – I truly enjoy crafts (scrapbooking and rubber stamping especially) but tend to deny myself the pleasure of this past-time unless all responsibilities are complete.  This results in little creative play and a very cranky Molly.  I am hoping that designating one day of blogging that focuses on crafts that I have worked on throughout the week will get me outside this silly way of thinking.
  • Writing Wednesday – I still find great therapeutic pleasure in writing – and while most of what I write is just personal dribble, I would like to share a bit of it with others.  I also have a bee in my bonnet that I want to try to write a mystery (more on that in an upcoming post) – and this would be a good place to keep track of that progress.
  • Thoughtful Thursday – This would be a suitable follow-up to the writing entry as most of my writing focuses on personal reflections.  Although I also think that that this title could encompass a wide variety of subjects:  book reviews – movie reviews – thoughts of teaching or dogs or whatever other interest crosses my mind over the week.
  • Photography Friday – it is certainly no secret that I have found a love of photography over the past two years, but oftentimes this love of the craft does not translate into a quality product.  I do hope that designating one day a week to this topic on the blog, however, will at least keep me focused on the 365 project – and sharing at least one picture (or one book on that topic) will keep me growing and developing this skill.
  • Weekend Cooking – I have so enjoyed this weekly meme, even if I rarely participate.  I have great plans of cooking more in 2013 and regaining that gourmet passion I once had.  Either sharing a new recipe, or a new wine, or a new cookbook will be the focus on this blog entry.
  • Sunday Salon – I have participated in this meme since I first began this blog and I love the relaxed atmosphere of combining personal life with book reviews.  I hope to do a better job of actively participating in the upcoming year.
As I mentioned several times over the past few months, I have debated changing the name of this blog as it no longer qualifies as a true “book blog”  However, I have come to the decision that this blog does indeed reflect me:  who I am and what is important in my personal life.  Most of these activities do indeed take place in “my cozy book nook” on the third floor of this split level house, and so it seems like an appropriate place to maintain my blog updates.
I am indeed gearing up, but it is most definitely a work in progress.  I hope that I have my act together enough to start this new routine next week.  I have truly missed it….


  • Beth F

    Sounds like a good plan! I'm always happy to see you have a post up, so it'll be nice to see you around more regularly. And Yay! I hope you enjoy participating in Weekend Cooking.

  • Cathy

    You always write so thoughtfully and intelligently that I suspect all of your posts will be interesting, no matter the subject.

    But it looks like a daunting blogging schedule. Even half that would still be a wonderful outlet for you to express yourself.

    I think routines are great! People who have routines get more done; being organized frees one to focus on larger tasks or issues.

    Looking forward to reading your posts in the coming year.

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