Notice a pattern?

I still struggle with this blog’s identity.  When I started writing about four years ago, I categorized myself as a book blogger.  I absolutely loved to read and I thought that writing book reviews (and other such literary posts) would be a way to focus my consistent writing efforts.  But then life happened… and while I still love to read, I have learned that I also have other interests that seem to demand a voice.  I am grateful to those of you who have chosen to continue to read my feeble words throughout these personal struggles, and I hope to find a rhythm to these posts in the very near future.

In the meantime…. here is a literary post that will give you some insight to my current obsession.  Can you notice a pattern here?  I feel almost compelled to start writing a memoir, or at the very least, a collection of family memories.  I’m not quite sure if this is related to turning 50 years old and knowing that I have lived more than half my life – or if it is related to the fact that all the “grandparents” have passed away and I am now matriarch of the family – or perhaps if it has to do with the old adage, “write what you know” and the only subject that I really know is me (or do I?  Isn’t the discovery of self a lifetime process?  But I suppose that is the topic of a different blog post all together).  But whatever the reason, I have an overwhelming desire to start writing memories and I am trying to learn the best way to do that.

But at this point and time I feel as though I have read enough.  If I am going to write memories then I need to … well… write.  Just sit down and put pen to paper (or as the case may be .. utilize the journal writing website Penzu or perhaps the Scrivener writing software).  Do I think I have lived a life that others would find worth reading?  Absolutely not.  My life is about as boring as a slice of white bread… but I harbor the idea that perhaps someday my children – or perhaps my grandchildren – might like to connect to the stories of their past and at this point, I am the only one who can provide that.  Am I the best writer for this particular task?  Absolutely not.  But I am here and I am now and I am willing.

I hope to start this endeavor sooner rather than later (that is… tomorrow…) But I know at the very least I will begin the process this summer.  I have already enrolled in the July offering of a Spiritual Journaling class at the Iowa Summer Writing Festival … and while I am very much intimidated to share my writing with others, I am also very excited to begin this next step in my writing endeavors.  In fact, I am so excited by the prospect of this new adventure that I may even enroll in the Travel Writing course offered in June.  I have harbored this dream of writing a travel memoir where the photograph that is “worth a thousand words” is accompanied by an essay of 1,500 words to create a complete short story narrative.  How cool would that be:  to marry my love of photography, travel and writing into one cohesive project?!

Yes, the future is bright and I am excited.  Life is indeed good.


  • bermudaonion

    It's your blog you can do whatever you want on it. I think you're so smart to write memories down – I need to do that as well, especially after I spend time with my mom.

  • Lisa

    Trust me, your family will be thrilled that you are writing about your life. My parents have both done this and it's priceless to me. My mother-in-law just passed away and I so wish she would have done the same.

  • Book Dragon

    Bravo to you! I once had to give a speech on a famous person's mother. I could hardly find anything! Journal writing, scrapbooks, all those memory kind of things are very important and I wish you great success in getting your thoughts down on paper.

  • Susan

    Yes, go ahead and try the memoirs. Maybe that is your natural writing voice, or at the least, you can experiment with how to tell stories that are memories.

    I picked up Echoing Silence by Thomas Merton last month. It is an interesting book! I am enjoying it. Thanks so much for writing about it a little while. Did you read it all? What did you think, You could think of your memoir as a spiritual act, and like your commentators said, it will be a true gift to your grandchildren.

  • Carola Bartz

    Molly, just sit down and write your memories! Once you get started you probably will be on a roll. I have often thought myself that I should write down my memories because I am sure that once I write down the first memories that come to my mind, more will follow.
    It kind of bugs me that I am not able to join any creative writing classes here. I did twice – but after all, it's not English that I'm doing my writing in but German. While still living in Germany I participated in some classes and they were fabulous. I miss that a lot. Perhaps I should explore the German blogland more, I might find an online class!

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