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A-Z Challenge: P is for Patisserie

We have bakeries in America, where we go to buy our staple bread as well as sweet indulgences.

In France the two are separate. You would visit the boulangerie for bread (typically every day or every other day) and the patisserie for pastries (probably less frequently… although if I didn’t care about my waistline, I could easily visit on a daily basis).

This is one of the few shops in Paris where a lack of the native language does not put you at a disadvantage. Your eyes tell you all you need to know before making a purchase – and I’m not sure you could make a poor decision.

The choices are nearly limitless:

Rich and creamy chocolates in every
conceivable size, shape and flavor
Flaky pastries, Fruit tartes, and
decadent cakes

And of course… the light, colorful
quintessential French Macaroon
(photo credit: pixabay.com)


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