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A-Z Challenge: X is for XX Arrondissements


X is one tough letter! However, as a roman numeral, it works great.

Paris is divided into twenty sections, otherwise known as arrondissements

The division begins in the center of the city – on the Ile de la Cite – and continues clockwise in a large circle.

Some popular arrondissements include:

VII (7th) Arrondissement where the Eiffel Tower resides.

V (5th) Arrondissement, home of the Latin Quarter.

IX (9th) Arrondissement, home of the Garnier Opera House.

XVIII (18th) Arrondissement: Montmartre.

Of course my favorite is the 18th.

I have already discussed my first visit to Montmartre: my love-at-first-sight reaction to Place du Tertre; my reverence for the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris; and my dining experience at Renoir’s famed Moulin de la Galette.

I thought perhaps as a tribute to my home away from home, I would share photos of my apartment (a mere five minute walk to Place du Tertre), and my neighborhood. I yearn to return, this time with my husband.

My favorite meal – delicious roasted chicken and tabouleh
“my” cafe: Le Relais de la Butte
The view from my seat at the cafe – formidable!
Old world charm meets New world graffiti
Montmartre Cemetery – Degas’ plot
Neighborhood goods and services

Local families…

My one bedroom apartment: small but quite functional


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