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Totoro Family Recipes: Giffy Bacon Dawg

My husband is a hot dog aficionado. He enjoys them boiled, broiled, grilled and roasted. While some condiments are optional, yellow mustard and sauerkraut are an absolute must.

Geoff knows his way around the kitchen, and several years ago he invited some family friends over for a cookout. Little did they realize the simple hamburger – hot dog fare would be taken up a notch or two.

Giffy’s Bacon Dog:

First, he cuts up an entire pound of bacon and grills it in a cast iron pan.

While the bacon is frying, he scores each dog, which resembles a corkscrew when fully cooked. Only pure beef hot dogs will do.

Once the bacon is crisp and removed from the pan to drain on paper towels, he then fries the dogs in the bacon grease.

The meal is then served family style, with each person assembling their own perfect dog. Brat buns work best; the typical hot dog bun is simply too small. Ketchup and mustard are available, as well as sauerkraut, relish, cheese, and sometimes, grilled onion. And of course, bacon. LOTS of bacon.

At the end of that evening cookout, someone referred to the meal as the Giffy Bacon Dawg…and the name stuck.

While this is definitely not low cal (or of much nutritional value), it is mighty tasty. We don’t have them often – about every five years or so – but the indulgence is well worth the wait.

Giffy’s Bacon Dawgs sizzling in bacon grease

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