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TSS – July 24, 2016

I’ve taken a few baby steps toward healing this week. I can now drive in a limited capacity (one-handed, so I tend to stay within a five mile radius) – I can now bathe and dress myself – and I can type and write with my right hand (although I have to take multiple breaks). I feel as though I have my life back.

However… with triple-digit temperatures all week, I must admit I have not felt like leaving the air-conditioned house.


While I spent more time reading Kindle Unlimited books and listening to podcasts this week, I’m still working through my cozy mysteries and enjoying every minute. My goal is to read 1-2/week. My current read is a Jessica Fletcher mystery, Manhattans and Murder. I suppose the weekly television series, Murder She Wrote, was my first foray into the cozy genre, and I am enjoying the nostalgic return reading this novel.

My next cozy will be Maggie Dove: A Mystery by Susan Breen. The author was a recent guest on one of my favorite writing podcasts, DIYMFA, where she addressed the topic – Creating Compelling Characters.


For some reason I’m having a difficult time choosing my first Audible book. I feel this pressure to choose wisely and make it one I will adore. Obviously I have issues…

I spent some time this week listening to samples of those I have put on a wishlist, and I think I am going to opt for the light-hearted, Mrs. Queen Takes the Train. I love the British monarchy, and the idea of the Queen running away for a day is appealing. Have any of you read the book? Do you recommend it?

Kindle Unlimited:

Since becoming a member of this program about ten days ago, I have downloaded and read (skimmed) 29 e-books in the following categories:

  • Writing (craft) – 8
  • Writing (prompts) – 10
  • Social Media – 5
  • Photography – 3
  • Fiction (cozy mysteries) – 2
  • Spiritual – 1
Most of the books I would categorize as mediocre (or less), but I did rate 7 of them 4 out of 5 stars and will probably purchase them for my personal library. So far, I am pleased with the program and continue to add to my wishlist every day.


This forced three-week hiatus reinforced my love of writing. In fact, I think writing is almost as essential for me as breathing. The world somehow makes more sense when I have a pen in my hand or my fingers poised over the keyboard.

To that end, I have decided it is time to stop dabbling with writing and start treating it with more respect. I have several ideas percolating and many projects on the horizon. I will share more as time goes on.

In the meantime, I look forward to developing a regular blogging routine again. I will still focus on reading and writing, but I will also add travel (more than just French Friday – although Paris will always be at the forefront), as well as photography (a return to Wordless Wednesday posts), Totoro family recipes, and a few personal notes.

I also hope to reconnect with many of you via social media (on Twitter and Instagram – @MyCozyBookNook) as well as engage in blog conversation.

I didn’t hear about the 24-in-48 readathon until it was half over (thanks to Brian’s Instagram photos). Did many of you participate? How did you fare? Now that I am aware of this event, I will be sure to participate next time.

I hope you are staying cool, enjoying a relaxed summer, and anticipating lots of bookish love this week.



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