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Journaling: F = Five Year Journal

The past few posts have delved into longer, more emotional journaling methods – like the Spiritual Compass and Expressive Journaling.

Today I thought I would showcase a short simple style of journaling: The Five Year Journal (also known as the line-a-day diary).

For those who worry they don’t have the time for more extensive journaling, or fear they don’t have enough content to write about, I highly recommend starting with a Five Year Diary / Journal. 

These journals are structured like a typical diary, in that the book is 365 pages: one page for each day of the year. 

However, each page is also separated into five “annual” segments, equating to about 5-6 lines per year. Perfect space to write a one-or-two sentence summary of the day’s activities. 

Of course, there is no rule that states every line must be completed. The sole purpose of this type of journal is to maintain a brief daily record.

While I have no problem writing paragraphs upon paragraphs each night, I too find value using this kind of journaling book. I enjoy re-reading the entries of the past (and reflecting on those memories) as I document the events of today. 

And two completed Five Year diaries provide a quick snapshot of a decade in your life – an indispensable record of family history.

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