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Journaling: G = Gratitude

Another way to ease into a journaling routine is to begin with a Gratitude Journal.

The benefits of gratitude journaling are well-documented. By focusing on the blessings of life rather than troubles and strife, we develop peace of mind, a sense of joy, and lowered blood pressure.

Some prefer to begin the day on a positive note. Focusing on thanksgiving first thing in the morning jump starts the mind to look for blessings throughout the day.

I list three to five things in my gratitude journal every day, each one unique rather than repeating the same ones over and over. For example, I am always thankful for health, shelter, and food. These are things I do not take for granted. But if I simply mention the items in a generic fashion, I’m more likely to go through the motions rather than truly giving thanks.

So instead, I write about being thankful for increased speed in my walking routine, or the safety of the house in the latest hailstorm, or a fun family meal filled with laughter and good food.

If your morning routine is too hectic, perhaps the lunch hour would be a better time to focus on daily thanks. Who knows… your gratitudes might help lighten an otherwise trying day.

Or after dinner might be more conducive to your schedule. Or while sitting in bed before turning out the lights.

Again, it is not when you journal that matters, but rather, the act of setting aside a few minutes to reflect on the blessings of each day. 

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