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Journaling K = Kick Out the Inner Editor

The inner editor is often alive and active during journaling sessions. This is the voice in our heads that constantly offers harsh criticism. 

Sometimes that voice takes on the characteristics of an old English teacher, reprimanding incorrect spelling or misplaced commas. 

Other times the voice is another authoritative adult telling us to stop whining and simply pick up the broken pieces of our lives and move on. 

Still other voices shout that our feelings are not significant, not accurate, not worthy to be shared.

While it isn’t possible to completely banish the inner critic from our minds, we can take an active approach to keep him/her silent.

I’ve given my inner critic a name: Delilah. I recognize that sometimes Delilah is useful. She prevents me from making rash decisions. She helps me tone down language so as not to offend others. 

But I do not listen to Delilah when I am journaling. I do not let her censor my thoughts and feelings.

When her voice becomes too loud to ignore, I simply call her by name, acknowledge her presence, and ask her to be quiet for a while. I tell her I will be happy to listen to her later, once I’ve finished writing. But for now, she is not welcome. 

Delilah can be stubborn, and often she ignores my first request. But I am stubborn as well, and eventually she backs off. 

Be persistent with your inner critic. Assume an authoritative role. Your thoughts and feelings deserve a voice, and your mental health depends on it.

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  • Christine O Cheallaigh

    As long as my inner critic is only nagging me about spelling/punctuation errors, I listen, otherwise I tell her to shut up because I'm busy writing. 😛 I haven't named mine, but if I did it would probably be Deloris, after my grandmother. My grandparents raised me, and while I loved her to death, she could be overly critical of just about every area of my life (the stuff she knew about, anyway 😛 ), so that would definitely be a good name for my inner critic. I always tell people I'm my own worst critic, because if something doesn't look right I will tear it to little pieces trying to fix it until I get it right. However, if I feel it's just fine the way it is, anyone else saying otherwise is just going to get them an earful. *I* get to decide what is good and what isn't in my writing, not anyone else. I'm not writing for them, anyway, I'm writing for myself, so my opinion is the only one that matters. 😛

  • Arti Jain

    I'm so glad I decided to click on the link that led me to your blog. First of all, I love the artwork and the little welcome message on top of this page. Hooked me right in.
    Yes, acknowledging 'Delilah' and any of her other mates like fear and uncertainty is the best way to go.
    Hope to see you again.
    K is for Khamir

  • My Cozy Book Nook

    Thank you so much for stopping Arti – for it gave me a chance to find your beautiful blog. I absolutely adore your description: words are my wine. I think I may adopt it as my motto!

    I look forward to connecting with you often 🙂

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