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Journaling: M = Morning Pages

In her book, The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron talks about the value of “morning pages” for the creative artist in all of us.  

Cameron teaches that dumping our thoughts on the page first thing in the morning – 3 pages worth of dumping – will eventually clear the mind and make room for creative inspiration to take a foothold.

Stream of consciousness is key; do not try to make sense out of these seemingly random thoughts. The idea is to empty your mind of whatever clutter remains.

While there is nothing magical about three handwritten pages, there is power in kinesthetic activity. Handwriting is slower, calmer, and allows for creativity: would I rather print or write in cursive? Use block or loopy letters? 

Of course, sometimes my thoughts are so fast and furious, typing is the only way to keep up. And if you only have a little time in the morning, keyboarding is better than nothing.

For mornings such as these, I use a fabulous website, 750 Words, which is an online community for morning pages.  The name is derived from the fact that the average number of words on a double spaced, type written page is 250 words. Therefore, if you wish to write 3 pages each morning, you will need to write approximately 750 words.  

If three pages seems too much, donโ€™t worry about it. However, I encourage you to try to push through the first block. 

Often what lies beneath the surface is what takes up the most mental space, leaving little room for new creative endeavors. Emptying the mind of that clutter, while giving it a voice, will release tension, provide clarity, and clear space for new thoughts and ideas.

* * *

I have completed Morning Pages on a fairly consistent basis for the past seven years. Now, they are as part of my daily routine as my two cups of coffee. I hope you give ’em a try.

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