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Boston: D is for Ducklings

Welcome to my third year participating in the A-Z Blogging Challenge. This year’s theme is BOSTON.

Today’s letter is D which will showcase the Ducklings.

Make Way for Ducklings (by Robert McCloskey) is a children’s classic – although I am ashamed to admit I had not read it until I visited Boston in 2016. HOWEVER… I immediately bought a copy before returning home, and I vow to read the book to my grandchildren to make up for my literary oversight.

The book tells the story of Mrs. Mallard trying to
find the perfect home for her new babies. She
leads them through the busy streets of Boston
until she settles upon the Public Garden.

The entrance to Boston’s Public Garden now commemorates
this beloved story with a hands-on statue of Mrs. Mallard
and her adorable baby ducklings.

It is heartwarming to see so many children relate to these
bronze reproductions. Art comes alive for the next generation
and a simple story becomes a treasured classic.


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