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Boston: T is for the “T”

Welcome to my third year participating in the A-Z Blogging Challenge. This year’s theme is BOSTON.

Today’s letter is T which will showcase Boston’s subway system, otherwise known as the “T”.

Interestingly, Boston was the first city to utilize underground tunnels for public transportation. The Tremont Street station opened in 1897 and is still in use today.

The subway earned its nickname because the logo for The Massachusettes Bay Transportation Authority, which oversees all the city’s public transportation systems, is the letter T inside a circle. Over the years, passengers began to refer to the subway as the “T” and it stuck.

I found the system easy to navigate, and I felt safe on all the trains. Mind you, I only traveled to the popular stops during daylight hours, but I found it a reliable and inexpensive method of transportation. My son and his contemporaries, however, relied on Uber rides. I suppose that shows my age.

While most of the tracks are underground, I only have pictures
of the trains in the outdoors. Here I’m waiting for the train to
arrive after my full day at the Museum of Fine Art (MFA)

I rode this train often as it is the subway that crosses
Longfellow Bridge into Cambridge.


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