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Boston: U is for Union Oyster House

Welcome to my third year participating in the A-Z Blogging Challenge. This year’s theme is BOSTON.

Today’s letter is U which will showcase the Union Oyster House.

While the building is over 250 years old, the restaurant has served loyal customers like Daniel Webster since 1826 – making it the oldest restaurant in Boston.

We managed to secure a table midweek during lunch hour, although I’m sure the dreary weather helped our luck. I understand waits of an hour or more can be typical.

The food was good. But let’s be honest, this meal is more about experiencing history than it is about gourmet fare. The dark paneled walls, damask curtains, and dim lighting create the perfect 19th-century environment. The rain outside the window, coupled with the slight chill in the air, added to the ambiance.

The entire building has charm – both inside and out.
The Union Oyster House is known for its oysters-on-the-half-shell as well as its clam chowder. While we enjoyed a delicious cup
of the famous soup at the restaurant, the lighting was too dim for a proper photo. This cup of chowda was pretty good too!



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