A New Blog Direction Calls for a New Blog

Those who have followed my blog since 2009 will recognize the banner above. I wanted to welcome you to my new online home in a familiar way.

For those of you who are visiting for the first time … I welcome you as well.

A more detailed explanation of this change can be found in last week’s post. However, I want to assure you the blog content will remain the same. I will continue to publish posts that support my heart’s desires: reading, writing, travel, photography, scrapbooking, and musings on MidLife. And I will continue to encourage others to pursue their passions.

I just felt a little cramped at my previous location. It was time to move into more space where I can spread out a little and relax.

I hope to begin a new weekly series on Julia Cameron’s newest book, It’s Never Too Late to Begin Again. So please come back for a longer visit next week.


  • Kay

    Molly, I’ve followed you over here and love your new look. Very open and simple, yet inviting. Good luck and I’ll be around to read what you’d like to share.

    • Molly Totoro

      I’m so glad to see you here, Kay! Simple, open and inviting is exactly what I was hoping to convey 🙂
      I look forward to continuing our online friendship!

    • Molly Totoro

      This decision was about three years in the making 🙂 I’d be happy to be a sounding board if you’d like. For now, however, enjoy your newfound freedom in retirement!

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