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Journaling: I is for International Events

Many associate journaling with keeping a daily record of our personal lives (see D = Diary).  We can also broaden that documentation by journaling significant current events of the day.

We don’t need to journal the nightly news each evening. But the significant events that impacted the world — and our family — can provide valuable prompts for exploration. Summarize the event for context, then focus on personal reactions, feelings, and emotions that arise. Anticipate how the event may impact your family’s future. Journal through any anxieties that may arise.

Current events of the past also provide valuable journaling prompts. Which significant events of your life come to mind? The assassination of JFK? MLK Jr? The landing on the moon? The tragedy of 9-11? Spend a few minutes brainstorming events, then select one and explore it in depth.

Google is a great tool for journaling research. Search for “significant world events” for each major birthday. What happened when you were ten… thirteen… sixteen… eighteen… twenty-one? Don’t spend much time on the internet details. Glean a few ideas, then allow your memory to take it from there.

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  • Lisa

    I could also stand for individual journaling…? My son has discovered the power of journaling for himself, and at the age of 32, that’s brilliant I think. Your ideas are great, and give focus to what to write about. I kept a journal for many years growing up and it’s interesting now, to go back through and see what I thought was important at the time I wrote… Happy A to Z! Found you on the master list.

    • Molly Totoro

      It took me a long time to realize this truth, Pradeep. I used to chastise myself for skipping a day in my diary … thinking I somehow failed the purpose. I now find myself journaling several times one day and perhaps skipping two or three days in a row. I try to provide context for my entries by recounting a bit of the daily activities, but mostly, it is a dumping ground for whatever is swirling around in my brain 🙂

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